Currently more and more international insurance companies and asset managers would like to offer their products and services into the Dutch market.

With the entrance to a new market you will be confronted with different (legal) regulations and habits than in your country of residence. Moreover you are not completely aware with the distribution- and or positioning possibilities. These subjects are difficult to manage from abroad without (the presence of) local knowledge.

We are a network organisation with the expertise to support you with the implementation of these subjects. Hereby we make use of independent professionals with a broad, long-time experience in the Dutch insurance branch. Hereby local knowledge concerning (product-) management, distribution and sales, organisation and compliance is converged and available for you. We will make a maximum effort for a successful market introduction!

Our organisation can support you with:

  • Developing product concepts and making current products compliant to Dutch regulations;
  • Developing and opening of distribution channels, mainly by independent intermediary and the positioning of your company within this distribution channel;
  • Developing local support and match to your business processes;
  • Communication with stakeholders and local authorities.